Brumby Water Tanks Products

Water tanks are available in all sizes ranging from 500 litres to 1,000,000 litres. As well as a standard range Brumby is available for custom industrial water and chemical storage applications.

Our range is the evolution of water tanks design based on our knowledge of the Australian market. This ‘Australian know how’ has lead to a revolution in watertanks design that has been recognised, licenced and manufactured internationally.

Our water tanks range from 2,000L all the way to 46,800L - supplying the right size tank for all requirements.

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25 Year Warranty Guarantee

Water tanks from our standard range are made from food grade UV stabilized Polyethylene which can withstand the harsh and diverse Australian environment. They come with multiple outlet options and a wide variety of overflow and inlet configurations. They also come with a 25 year warranty.

Water Tanks from our large range are made from the best quality polyethylene available which is UV stabalised and food grade. These tanks are the big boys of water storage and are built tough to withstand all environments. They come with all the features you need and leave out the ones you don’t so that we can offer you the most competitive price going around for a tank of this size. Tanks from this range come delivered with an all terrain fork lift so all you need to do is guide the driver. These tanks also have a 25 year warranty.

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