Underground Water Tanks

Underground Tanks
  • Are an Award Winning Tank - a revolution in water storage
  • Will not affect the aesthetics of your home, tucked away for your convenience
  • Have the potential to interconnect tanks to achieve greater water storage capacities
  • Come with a lockable lid and protective bars to alleviate worry of child safety
  • Require only a shallow excavation to a depth of 1300mm
  • Come with an installation guide and directions for installation with a patented ‘compression’ ballast system
  • Are built extra tough, through a unique patented rib design, to bear a load of 2.5 tones
  • Have strong sturdy lifting lugs for easy installation

Water Tank Colours and Dimentions

Brumby Underground Water Tanks are available in many different colours to complement your sheds, fences, guttering or surrounding landscape including residential properties.

Capacity: 5,000 litres
Length: 2,240mm
Diameter: 2,000mm
Height: 2,560 - 3,060mm
Trafficable Load: 12.5 tonnes
Weight: 275 kg
Water Vault Accessories
- Telescopic riser
- Cast iron trafficable riser lid
- Polyethylene non-trafficable lid
- Trafficable underground filter
- Submersible stainless steel pump and floating suction
- WaterVault Rainsaver electronic control unit with mains water switch

Water Tank Quote

7 Year Warranty Guarantee

Brumby underground water tanks are protected for a period of 7 years against faulty workmanship and/or material fault, provided installation is carried out in the correct method. The Underground water tanks are perfect for those urban situations where there is a need to install a water collection system, but there’s really no room aboveground to set the tank.

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