Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact Brumby Water Tanks?
Email: or Phone: 1300 42 1200

2. Where is my nearest Brumby Water tank Sales Agent?
To find a Brumby Water Tanks Sales Agent near you, click on the 'Find Your Nearest Supplier' on the right hand side of every page..

3. Why should I get a Water Tank?
Water tanks have been essential item on the land and will remain one for a long time to come. As our countries water demands becomes limited, we need to save as much water as possible so we don't run out. If we use the water that is most easily accessible (rainwater) we will ensure enough water for future generations.

4. Why should you purchase a water tank from Brumby?
All water tanks supplied by Brumby are Australian made for Australian conditions. They are backed by a long warranty and are tested and trialed in Australia for many years.

5. How much water will I collect?
The amount of rainwater you will collect is dependant on a number of factors, including:

• The size of your roof – including pitch and shape.
• The amount of rainfall you experience in your area.
• The number of down pipes you have leading into the tank.

For every millimetre of rain on 1m2 of your roof, you will collect 1 litre of water.

6. What are the main things to look for when purchasing a water tank?

• Check that your tank is Australian Made & Owned, not only is it important that your tank is made in Australia it is important that the company that makes that tank is owed by Australians, especially with our economy like it is everyone should do their part to keep our hard earned money on home soil.
• Check that you tank meets Australian standards and that your tank will be valid for rebate.
• Check that your tank is a one piece poly tank that is made seamless.
• Make sure that your tank will still have water in it when times are dry by using our water tank selection guide.
• Make sure that you are not paying an inflated price. Get The Best for the best price right here.

7. What can I use the water collected in my water tank for?
The water collected in your water tank can be used for washing the car, watering the garden, washing the dog, hosing down the driveway, including use with a high pressure cleaner for driveways, windows and walls, and topping up the swimming pool. You can also have your tank connected to your toilet or washing machine by a licenced plumber who can advise on the requirements and restrictions.

8. Am I eligible for a water tank rebate?
Check out our water tank rebate page or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff for information on rebates.

What Colour Tanks Are Available?

Brumby Water Tanks are available in many different colours to complement your sheds, fences, guttering or surrounding landscape including residential properties

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