About Brumby Water Tanks

Water Tanks Supplied by Brumby are built strong, with corrugated walls that gradually get thicker towards the base of the water tank where the strength is most important.

Brumby water tanks have over 10 years experience in the water tanks industry, and have been lynchpin in devolving the product you see on the market today.

We are passionate and proud of our company, what we stand for, and what we provide. We are also passionate about supplying the best products at the best rates without compromising the quality you have come to expect from our great name.

Many have come and gone, but one name has withstood the test of time “BRUMBY

In refusal to compromised our name in the market we have sourced the very best pump manufacturer in the world (Grundfos) to ensure consumers receive the highest quality pump and tank package available on the market.

Mission Statement

Brumby water tanks is a leader in the polyethylene industry, and specializes in polyethylene water tanks.

Brumby’s mission is to be a world class leader in the area of water tank design, and manufacture by providing quality products, quality service, whilst staying price competitive within our sector.

We are focused on our customer needs, expectations and are continually striving to surpass them.


To utilise the best materials and technologies in the world, to develop a product built to withstand the diverse Australian climate.

To develop a Brand that not only provides certified products, but does so whilst supplying quality customer service pre and post sale.

To keep adequate stock levels in our factories and transport hubs, to be able to dispatch our products in a timely manner.

Backing our quality and Instilling consumer confidence, by supplying a 25 yr warranty that our products are engineered to surpass.

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